Internet and leased line.

1HOP connection with over 150 major domestic and overseas ISPs / contents AS

Connection Service

Small the earth with high speed network

Backbone Network of SSI Laboratory

Peering with over 150 major domestic and overseas ISPs/contents AS and large capacity lines of 300 Gbps.


Communication line speed

All connecters’ routers are connected with ultra-wideband of 10 GbE.We are designed to be able to provide a stable large capacity stream from anywhere on the earth.
Our service Ultra CDN uses this Ultra Ether Access.Even when any bandwidth is required, we are effectively routing other Carrier 10 GbE lines.As of April 2018 we are setting up an environment where WireSpeed can simultaneously process up to 40 Gbps.

Continuous connection

The most important thing in business is “to keep running”.
SSI Ultra Ether Access has two SLAs (Line Guarantee) so that customers can use the server with peace of mind.
Guarantee of cutting Annual continuous connection rate 99.999% or more
Time guarantee 10 msec or less from NTT KDDI in Japan


The connection between the carrier and SSI is 10 GbE connection. It is close proximity peering which overwhelms other carriers with 1 hop to Google, Microsoft and NTT You will not feel the speed difference from anywhere in the world.

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