For safe operation of large volumes of data

Cloud storage server that lends whole hardware

  • 4TB Available from ¥19,800 per month
  • Flexible plan selection according to the number of users
  • Improved storage performance


Regardless of PC, smartphone, tablet or other device, you can use data safely anytime, anywhere.
It is ideal for sharing data within the company, accessing data on the go, transferring data to the outside.

Monthly amount ¥19,800
Initial cost¥19,800
Expected number of users1〜10
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Monthly amount¥29,800
Initial cost¥29,800
Expected number of users11〜30
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Monthly amount ¥59,800
Initial cost¥49,800
Expected number of users31〜50
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※ All prices are without tax.

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Service features


File sharing

If you can not send large data by e-mail, using free file transfer service is a powerful choice.
However, it may be useful, but also risk.
In situations where it is inappropriate to pass data to the outside, such as privacy issues or confidential information, in what way do you pass the data?
Marugoto-QNAP is a solution to lend entire hardware.It is an online storage service.

Accessible by smartphone

With iOS, Andoroid application, you can easily access the file.
You can work like a PC, upload a file, attach it to an e-mail, create a shared link, etc.
Since the connection is encrypted, you can securely exchange files.


Internal file server backup

In addition to file sharing, backup functions between file servers are also substantial.
There is also a real-time replication function that synchronizes real-time with the in-house file server, and a regular backup function that regularly performs a backup with a time schedule.

Various security measures


  • Integration of ClamAV Antivirus Toolkit
  • Detect latest viruses, malware, worms and Trojan horses
  • E-mail notification when a virus is detected

Data protection of mixed environment

Generally, corporate users install the appropriate real-time anti-virus software on the desktop. However, virus sometimes evolves beyond expectations, and users may unintentionally connect to dangerous Internet sites. When a file in a mixed environment is infected with a virus, it can be seriously damaged.Antivirus solutions as precautions are essential.

Smart detection

Marugoto-QNAP’s integrated antivirus solution is based on the open source ClamAV antivirus toolkit. The virus database is continuously updated free of charge and detects the latest viruses, malware, worms and Trojan horses.In addition to the multi-scan task, custom folder selection, regular scans, there is also an e-mail notification function when the task is completed or when a virus is detected.

Encrypted access

  • SSH for secure connection
  • SSL, HTTPS for secure data access and forwarding

Remote management with SSH

In addition to logging on to the entire QNAP for remote management using an unencrypted Telnet, the administrator securely connects to the encrypted Secure Shell (SSH), for advanced programming and troubleshooting You can send the command.

Secure data access

Marugoto – QNAP supports both SSL and SSH for secure connection and data transfer. Administrators can host Web sites with Marugoto – QNAP and can only allow access via HTTPS (SSL via HTTP) secure channel. In addition, Marugoto – QNAP supports SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol or secure file transfer protocol) for secure file access and forwarding. Encryption used with SSH gives you confidentiality and integrity of data on an insecure network such as the Internet. The following services are encrypted.

  • Secure rsync backup (SSH encryption)
  • Secure RTRR backup (SSL encryption)
  • SFTP: Secure FTP (SSH encryption)
  • Secure Web server (SSL)
  • Secure shell access (SSH)
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Fault handling (hardware replacement)
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