Cloud workstations change the way to work.

SSI Loaboratory's's VDI will contribute to the acquisition of a new workforce.

New form of workstation environment

Solving problems after BIM introduction

Problem of workstation.Fixed in place. Cost. Heat and Noize. Constructin site are dispersed. BIM human resource shotage.

SSI Ultra VDI Cloud is a CLOUD solution for BIM that proposes a new work style. We will create a cloud environment dedicated to customers and use it remotely by accessing the BIM workstation on the cloud. Since you can remotely connect using the PC you have now, you do not need to purchase a new PC. Solving the physical work station installation location, waste heat, noise problems as well.The environment where you can work anywhere will also expand new possibilities, such as the introduction of remote work. In addition, since it can be integrated management, the burden on the IT administrator can be reduced.

Service that can be done because it is “cloud”

Comfortable teamwork environment

UC for BIMcloudやArch-Logと言ったサービスとはインターネットを介さず、高速かつ安定した通信ができる

Since SSI Ultra VDI Cloud and UC for BIMcloud are located in the same data center of SSI Lab, high-speed data communication is possible.The cloud rendering service “Arch-LOG” is also a service via the Internet, but because it provides services at the same data center as SSI Lab, it can be used in low latency environment.

“Cloud” It will be the best investment

Compared with purchasing hardware, the cloud has the merit of being able to build an environment tailored to the scale.

Operational cost reduction· Suppression of initial investment
· Cost can be settled as service fee.
Reduce security risk· Meeting with business owners and business partners on the go
· Use at a base or workplace without an IT administrator
· Design work at overseas bases
Expansion according to scale of operation· Firstly from a small scale
· Extended with user increase
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