Why choose SSI Lab?

There are three reasons.

High-speed IO server design

SSI Ultra Cloud service is a dedicated design that sticks to server performance.It is because there is the concept of “speed is the maximum cost performance”.
The SSI Ultra Cloud service, which consists of full SSD storage, provides cost reduction through server consolidation, increased revenue due to improved response, and customer satisfaction.


Cost reduction


Increase access


Customer satisfaction

Elastic service construction

As well as customizing server specifications, we can handle from one to many units.
In addition, with various optional services, we can respond flexibly to all configurations such as redundant configuration, load balancing, security enhancement measures.
We provide systems that meet customers demands, from high-traffic Web services to services requiring carrier leased lines.


Operation using both UC and UPC

By combining a dedicated server (SSI Ultra Cloud) and a public cloud (SSI Ultra Public Cloud), it is a configuration that achieves both scalability and performance while keeping costs low.
You can flexibly change / expand the configuration, such as by adding a virtual server on the public cloud or physical server to the original configuration.


Operation using virtual load balancer

In SSI Lab, a virtual load balancer is available as an option.
It is also possible to configure the load balancer to distribute loads while updating each WEB server in real time.


Multi-cloud operation

Cost reduction can be expected by connecting cloud services such as SSI Ultra Cloud, SSI Ultra Public Cloud, and private online storage services to existing systems in other companies’ clouds.

Ultimate support

We hope to maximize the customer’s profit by using our service.
Before introduction, listen carefully to customer requests, we will offer consultation and suggestions by sales and pre-sales engineers.
Even after the introduction, we will guide you on the appropriate service plan and composition according to your business situation.


Introduction consulting


Flexible extension according to operational status


Proposal of plan and system configuration