Full SSD dedicated server

A private cloud that is fast, robust, and flexible.

Private cloud service – SSI Ultra Cloud

It is a fast, robust, and flexible private cloud service. We are operating the storage of all servers as SSD. It is a server design that eliminates the storage bottleneck which is likely to occur when virtualizing.It is possible to build a virtual server as long as there is a resource on a virtualized server, and it is possible to deploy the service on it.It is freed from design, procurement, installation, and management, which has been troubled by the addition of physical servers until now, and can dramatically reduce the cost of operation.

  • High quality cloud are expensive …
  • I feel uneasy unless it is a data center in Japan …
  • It’s a cloud that can endure sudden access concentration

Private cloud service SSI Ultra Cloud will solve customers’ concerns like those mentioned above!

Private Cloud Service – Good point of SSI Ultra Cloud

  1. Low cost
  2. Fast full SSD storage
  3. Robust Data Center

Low cost

The fee structure of SSI Ultracloud is a flat fee that does not depend on the number of guest OSes. It is possible to lower unit price by creating many guest OS.

Furthermore, since the system administration and operation of the whole system is carried out by SSII Lab, it contributes to the reduction of management cost.

Fast full SSD storage

It adopts SSD which is 10 times faster than HDD and suitable for server operation and realizes super high speed response. Contributing to server consolidation.

SSD regularly checks for health, preventive exchange of problematic SSD is done, so there is no worry about writing problems.


Robust Data Center

SSI Ultra Cloud operates at Toranomon Data Center which has the most power supply environment in Tokyo. It is resistant to all kinds of natural disasters and can respond promptly even in the event of disability.

We monitor servers from 35 locations in the world at 1 minute intervals. Restoration work will be done automatically when a failure occurs.

Reason for choosing SSI Ultra Cloud

Unlike the private cloud installed in the customer environment (on-premises), SSI Ultra Cloud does not require IT infrastructure assets. It has the advantage that it can be used immediately with “small initial investment” and “monthly flat fee”.


Small initial investment Start with monthly fee only


No need to rush to the local


Maintenance schedule can be adjusted


Since it is a packaged service, operation starts immediately.

 Private cloudPublic cloud
On-premise typeSSI Ultra Cloud
Infrastructure operationCustomerbusiness personbusiness person
Equipment procurement periodlongMiddleShort
Initial investment amountHighMiddleLow
Cost formCapital investment (assets)ExpenseExpense

Ultimate support

Direct support
by engineers


Server migration consultation


Security consultation


Measures against access count


Various parameters


Hands-on operation lecture

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Economy plus
CPUXeon 12core ×1
SSD500GB ×2(RAID1)
Network1Gbps Sharered
IPv4 address10IP
Initial cost¥50,000
Monthly amount¥69,800
CPUXeon 12core ×2
SSD500GB ×2(RAID1)
Network1Gbps Sharered
IPv4 address10IP
Initial cost¥100,000
Monthly amount¥134,800

※ All prices are without tax.

Monthly option

 Initial costMonthly amount
MEMORY 16GB Addition¥0¥10,000
SSD 480GB Addition¥0¥7,500
SSD 960GB Addition¥0¥15,000
PCIe Flash Storage 1.2 TB addition¥50,000¥50,000
Internet lineEstimate separatelyEstimate separately
IPv4 address addition¥0¥15,000
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