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A virtual server that balances cost and performance with rich server resources

SSI Ultra VPS cloud is not low price and low server specification.We provide rich server resources that can be used for actual operation to customers who have been operated on a dedicated server so far. We provide up to 8 vCPU CPU resources and up to 32 GB of memory to run front-end applications such as DB server and Web server running on the back end.

Server lineup Service specification ・ Usage fee

Monthly amount¥19,800
Initial cost¥0
IPv4 address1
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Monthly amount¥34,800
Initial cost¥0
Network100Mbps(Priority line)
IPv4 address2
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Monthly amount¥44,800
Initial cost¥0
Network100Mbps(Priority line)
IPv4 address3/th>
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  • +Virtualization technology

    Most common VPS uses KVM for virtualization software, but SSI Ultra VPS Cloud is fully virtualized with VMware.
    VMware performs better than KVM and achieves over 90% of the share of virtualization software used around the world.

  • +Full SSD storage

    All storage of the physical server that builds the SSI Ultra VPS cloud is SSD.
    For VPS servers with multiple users, storage performance is sacrificed and the range of operation is narrowed.
    By installing SSD, reading and writing speed improves, and can be used comfortably.

  • +Up to 3 IP granted

    In the SSI Ultra VPS Cloud, we prepare packages that give up to 3 IP global IPv4 addresses.
    In general VPS plan, only 1 OS can be used per contract, but up to 3 OS can be introduced.
    We will offer you a cloud-type VPS service you have never seen before.

  • +Various compliant OS

    The standard OS provided is CentOS 6 which is most suitable for development environment.
    With custom OS, you can choose from about 60 types supported by VMware.

Features of SSI Ultra Cloud VPS

High-spec VPS that outperforms the performance of dedicated server


This VPS plan uses VMware virtualization technology. Therefore, it combines the robustness and safety of the dedicated server and the high flexibility of the cloud.

Full SSDStorage

We adopted the SSD which is more than 10 times faster than the HDD and suitable for server operation and realized super high speed response. Contributing to server consolidation.

High speed&Wide areaInternet

We have 10 GbE connections with over 21 major carriers. Even with broadband communication of video and audio, light and stable supply is possible.

ReliableInitial cost free

SSI Ultra VPS Cloud is free of initial cost. Monthly price starts from the lowest price ¥19,800
You can start the service immediately after contracting.

Simplecontrol panel

The interface for managing the VM server is completely Japanese compatible.
Most of the work is a simple GUI that can be completed with 3 to 4 clicks.


We monitor servers from 35 locations around the world at 1 minute intervals. In case of failure, recovery work will be started automatically.

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