Ultimate support(SLA) / Ultimate support(SLA)


Server engineers, sales representatives and support staff will help you to use the server comfortably and securely.We will provide optimal support after understanding each customer’s “I want to do this!”


Direct support by engineers

All of our engineers are qualified as LPI / cisco etc.We will support as much as possible troubles and consultations.By specialized engineers directly calling you, we will respond to technical problems smoothly.

Server migration consultation

After reviewing the current server status, we propose a replacement plan that considers not only the server configuration but also domain transfer. · Server aging countermeasure · Specification lack due to access up · Site renewal · Review of costs such as consolidation of servers … etc


Security consultation

To protect the site from any threats online, we are making every effort to ensure security.Consultation about customer’s own security requirements such as system audit is also possible.

Measures to counter access

To prevent opportunity loss, we will build an environment that can withstand massive access.We prepare a plan that meets customer’s needs from various load distribution configuration such as dedicated virtual load balancer and mechanism using nginx.


Various parameters Suggestions

Set up various servers that require professional knowledge.We propose appropriate parameters from a professional viewpoint according to customer’s contents.

Hands-on operation lecture

After introduction, if you are having trouble with not knowing how to use or setting method, we will implement a lecture on hands-on operation.

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